Master Kush Skunk - 18 Stück

Master Kush Skunk - 18 Stück

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Versatile good yielding plant both indoors and out.
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Both these plants have won multiple awards for their particular contribution to the cannabis culture over the last few decades. It is very reliable on all levels and an excellent blend of fine genetics. The origins of the parents stem from Afghanistan with smaller contributions arising from Thailand and Mexico. Usually, the flowering time will be in the faster range of 6 weeks, but one will find certain phenotypes that will finish in 8/9 weeks. Generally the longer they go until they reach maturity, the more sativa influence will be in the plant.

These plants will carry the distinct flavor of the original MK, which won the 1994 HTCC. It is a special plant in aroma and flavour and quite an easy and versatile good yielding plant. It is certainly a good option for all levels of growers. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation with a good resistance to moulds. Outdoors, the maturing flowers will need to be supported well; otherwise, they have the tendency to over weigh their stem and break - usually a good sign for those who take the time.

Overall, this is an outstanding plant that can be farmed in all ways on all mediums and perform equally well. It has a particular smell, taste, and effect that make it a unique plant for almost any grower's garden.

Mehr Informationen
Art. Nr. mrn-0023
THC keine Angaben
CBD keine Angaben
Genetik (Sativa / Indica) Indica dominant
Ertrag ++
Höhe Indoor N/A
Lebenszeit Indoor 8-9 Wochen
Lebenszeit Outdoor bis Oktober
Cupwinner nein
Hersteller Mr. Nice

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